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By adding Yacht Charter Miami Beach to the TMG Group, we have chosen to offer our clients a selection of the very best Yachts and fastidiously selected Crews in the South Florida market, ensuring the best available experience ever.

Exceptional Fleet

Composed of 48 highly selected state of the art Yachts and Mega Yachts that serves South Florida, The Bahamas and Cuba all reflective of the latest technologies and unparalled comforts.

Our fleet is professionally managed and maintained to the hightest industry standards and crewed by professional US Coast Guards Licensed Personnel.

Full Services

Our services range from Catering to Private on-board Chefs. We can provide all the pre-provisioning on request from a large selection of the best restaurants in the area.

We can also provide: Short term hi-end/waterfront Villas or Condos in addition to a large fleet of exotic cars, jets, and helicopters, DJs, Masseuses, Flowers Arrangements, Personal Assistant, Private Security.

100% Quality

We provide umparalled quality service way above & beyond the industry standards, satisfying the most fastidious requests of our discerning worldwide clientele.

Being part of the TMG companies (Theodoli Marine Group), with multi decade extensive experience in the local market, ensures our clientele the best experience and services South Florida has to offer.

Yacht Charter Miami Beach
Yacht Brokers and Charter Brokers Licensed & Bonded worldwide.

Florida Yacht Brokers Association

Theodoli Marine Group,LLC, Yacht Broker, Miami Beach, FL

Friendly Chartering Suggestions

Obviously, a luxury yacht charter is perfect for a romantic getaway, or the ultimate vacation.

If you think renting a yacht is only for couples, or upscale singles, think again.
By the time you pay to get a family of four or more, to remain a couple of days on site at one of the main theme parks, or at an all inclusive family resort, you probably are approaching, and maybe even exceeding the cost of the private yacht charter.
That’s why luxury yacht charters have become more and more popular for family vacations.
On a yacht charter experience, you've many more benefits than you can find on every other family vacation.
Only on a luxury yacht charter might you combine 5 star service with the best games water, along with onboard top end activity systems, with sightseeing shore excursions and perhaps even a celebrity chef.
Still, there are a few things to bear in mind if you wish to take your children on a yacht charter vacation.

Choose Your Yacht Wisely
Whilst a yacht charter may be perfect for a family holiday, not all yachts are perfect for households. Choose your yacht wisely, ensure it's family friendly, and that she's enough cabins to accommodate all comfortably.

Get the Children Involved
Before booking your rental route, get your children involved. Have them have a look at the boats readily available for charter, and the locations, and allow them tell you which appear thrilling to them. Safety is Important - Obviously, the main concern of your charter captain and crew is the safety of you or your family.
You should impress upon your children that safety on board is significant business, plus they must hear and comprehend all crew directions regarding safety at sea.

Consider Your Destination
Talk to your charter broker about child friendly locations.

On Board Entertainment - Part of searching for a family friendly yacht charter is making certain that the yacht you select has state-of the artwork onboard entertainment systems, video games, computers, etc. And also the most recent water toys that children would love, like sea-bobs, jet skis or water slides. Whilst the above guidelines are general ways on the way to make any given yacht charter a little even more Kid friendly, children of different ages, haven't only different physical capabilities, but additionally very different dislikes and likes.

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